Freecell is a classic solitaire game that many of us used to play back in the day thanks to it being included into some of the most popular operating systems. The premise is simple and elegant: you have a whole deck of cards spread out before you in a certain layout, but the position of each card is randomized. Your goal is to sort the cards by suit and value and stack them into four corresponding piles while abiding by the principles of solitaire that will be described down below.

Every Frecell game is different because the deck gets shuffled automatically at the beginning and the number of possible combinations is astronomical – its virtually impossible to run across the exact same spread twice. Initially the cards are put into seven stacks and you can move them from one stack to another or use the four dedicated empty spaces above that can help out a bit if you have nowhere to go. Playing by the Freecell classic rules means only being able to move one card onto another if its value is consequentially lower (5 goes on 6) and its suit is of a different color (red goes on black). Using that logic, you have to move the cards around and uncover the ones that need to go into the sorting piles at the right moment.

Because of how popular this game has become, today it’s fairly easy to find free Freecell versions online that have a ton of advantages over the real card game. No need to shuffle the deck, make space for the spread or even own the cards, just click a link and start playing!

We recommend playing in Flappy Bird.


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